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Chris Chalfant is a musician, artist and author. Noted for her unique and broad style as a creative artist, Chalfant has explored various mediums of expression with openness, connection to form, sense of design and search for truth. Her work has been performed around the globe and recorded for over twenty years and has more recently been published in magazines and books and has been presented in art shows. Chalfant maintains that the root source of all expression is nature, poetry and dance. She is always ready to explore the next avenue of expression, creating new forms, discovering new ways to deepen her philosophies on art and music. Her work is both simple and complex at the same time, where she will take a simple children's tune and create an expressionistic multi-tonal, multi-rhythmic contrapuntal composition or improvisation, where she will paint the cross-rhythms of a South Moroccan song, or create a contrapuntal score for a poem out of literary markings. Chalfant has a strong melodic sense as well as a feeling of tranquility in much of her work. Her keen sense of moment-to-moment movement in her composition and improvisation is supported by her training in Buddhism and Aikido, where "living under the blade" results in an unshakable fearlessness, confidence and a path of truth. Chris Chalfant currently lives in Brooklyn where she teaches piano, composition and improvisation. She spends time each summer at Noyes School of Rhythm in Portland, CT playing piano for dancers in the woods while coming back to her "Buddha Nature", the source for all things creative.


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