Book of Unstandards - Double CD
Book of Unstandards CD

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Jyaku Sound - All compositions by Chris Chalfant

Sound Recordings Double CD
Judy Bady, Michael Braudy, Thomas Buckner, Chris Chalfant, Bobby Few, Ken Filiano, Pamela Fleming, Rob Garcia, Emily Howard , Joseph Jarman, Aaron Johnson, Jessica Jones, Tony Jones, Joseph Kubera, Glynis Lomon , Elyzabeth Meade, Pauline Oliveros, Syd Smart, Chris Sullivan, Ken Yamazaki,Chris Chalfant Trio, Connie Crothers, Dojo Band

This CD is a small sample of the many diverse compositions, poems and sketches by Chris Chalfant from "Book of Unstandards" Anthology of Music. (see description above) Disc I: Book Party June 21, 2006, Weiler Concert Hall, New York (selections) Disc II: Various live and studio recordings, New York, Philadelphia, Prague 1996-2005.

Musicians, listeners and the music industry at-large tend to pigeon-hole artists into a narrow area of expression. I purposely have chosen music for this collection which represents all styles, genres and levels of complexity which allows the player to get a broader sense of my life's work. When I write, I think more poetically, without limiting myself to the restrictions of western rhythms and pitch orientation. I find myself more and more being drawn to traditional world musics, where the concepts of rhythm, tonality, tuning and cadence don't necessarily fit into the mold of the western music. Knowing these alternative systems gives me a much wider gamut of musical and philosophical possibilities.

CD I 1.
1. Love is the Answer - 4:05
2. Indian Goddess - 4:49
3. Umbrella Man - 9:29
CD II 1.
1. Heart Suite- 17:04
2. Solo Improvisation - 10:46

Total Time CD I: 1:18
Total Time CD II: 1:18