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Piano Suite is one of my earlier piano works written while I was a graduate student at New England Conservatory. I wrote the different movements between 1986 and 1988. The complete score was created for the first time in 2009. The four-movement suite has touches of the Impressionists, Scriabin and Khachaturian, as well as beginning stylistic traits that have become intrinsic to my way of thinking as a composer.

Prelude is a hauntingly lyrical piece that shows the subtleties of voice-leading as well as layers of intertwining rhythms. Toccata is a lively dance with Afro-Cuban rhythms. The impassioned, slow and mystical Nocturne has many colorings outside of a traditional tonal palette. Postlude is a fast and furious dance with passion and a feeling of wild abandon.

This score has considerably more detailed markings in Prelude and Toccata. The original versions were interpreted entirely from my performance preparation. I have attempted here to capture my own playing style so that the pianist has a sense of the thinking behind my work. Nocturne is very close to the original score. The
complexities and subtleties of the music require careful attention. Postlude has been transcribed from an improvised performance in 1988 based on the sketch score found in the addendum of this book. The markings provide a mere outline of the logical progression to the arc of the music.

Piano Suite should not be treated as a museum piece preserved to the letter, but as a living being. I welcome others to draw from their unique sense of expression to recreate the piece as though it is being improvised for the first time.


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