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Chris Chalfant teaches with a global perspective, giving equal respect to the sophisticated oral traditions of jazz, India and Africa, and to European classical traditions. Goals for training vary from student to student, depending on their age, previous experiences with music or other disciplines, family background and individual circumstances.

Regardless of what Chris Chalfant teaches, she believes the real learning comes from the discoveries students make on their own time. It is important that the student trains because they want to, not because they have to. In addition to the necessary discipline in training, approaching music with a sense of joy is an important part of the lesson experience. She believes that the lesson is an exchange. In the tradition of Aikido, the student and teacher bow to each other and say “On-e-ga-she mas” (please teach me).

Part of Chris Chalfant’s approach to teaching is to start from a place of familiarity and success in a student’s life. This helps them connect to their new experiences with more ease. There is an emphasis on encouraging the student’s strongest assets, while at the same time, creating building blocks to excel in areas that are not so facile.

Young students are normally taught at the student’s home. Chris Chalfant believes the relationship to the entire family is integral to understanding the student’s learning process. Having a supportive relationship with the parents helps the student overcome learning and developmental challenges.

Adult lessons and coachings are approached individually to fit the unique situation and goals of the student. Adults have come to Chris Chalfant’s studio as complete beginners, competent amateurs or professionals. They have been engineers, lawyers, bankers, mothers, opera singers, pop singers, composers, and psychoanalysts. Adults may come for ongoing or periodic lessons and coaching.

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